Prairie Courage

There is an off season to the whole birdseed biz... and the summer time is usually a time when I get very into making stuff and treasure hunting, whether it be a perfect piece of driftwood on the beach crying out for some textile creation to hang off of it, or a buttery brass vintage trinket dish, treasures have a way of finding me. It might help that I am constantly on the hunt too... 

Last year my good friend Maegan and I joined forces and opened Prairie Courage, a vintage and art shop in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Maegan and I have been craft buddies / wives (lol!) for years, so we were quite used to getting creative together. Our little shop is located on the second floor of the historic “Old House Revival” building in downtown Winnipeg, and it suits our artistic and treasure hunting needs perfectly. 

Adding a Prairie Courage page to my birdseed website is a way for us to share our work with the world, to see if this platform works for our products and pieces, and to hopefully inspire us to make more art (when the birds are happy and fed of course!) 

Please have a look at the pieces we have worked hard to create. Most of the time we source vintage materials or remake things with existing things. Sometimes it’s straight up art, and sometimes it straight up vintage. 

Shopping our collection is the same as purchasing anything from a Shopify online store, just add to your cart and off you go, though for now it will say Charlotte’s Birdseed at check out. 

For our friends in Winnipeg, many of these items are also in our store at Old House Revival, so if you want to see and shop in person we welcome you to do so - we have a lot more in the shop than we could ever post here, so you are bound to find some gems.


Happy shopping!